Amenities can be created and configured directly within the Management Portal.


  1. Navigate to Amenities
    From the navigation bar, select Community and then Amenities.

  2. Add an Amenity
    Select the Add Amenity button on the top right of the screen. This will bring up the add amenity pop-up.

  3. Select Properties
    Click on the property to which the amenity belongs from the select box. You can select more than one building for amenities shared within a multi-building site. To remove a property, click on the Remove button next to the property’s name.

  4. Name the Amenity
    Provide a name for your amenity.

  5. Select an Amenity Type
    Select a type for your amenity, such as “Meeting Room” or “Moving Elevator”.

  6. Select a Duration Type
    Duration types define whether an amenity can be booked hourly, daily, or nightly.

  7. Enter a Description and Additional Information
    Descriptions and additional information are visible to both site teams and residents

  8. Set Minimum and Maximum Booking Time
    Minimum and maximum booking times reflect the amenity’s duration type.

    • Hourly: Duration is set in 30-minute increments
    • Full day: Duration is limited to daily
    • Nightly: Duration is set from one to multiple nights

  9. (Optional) Configure Notifications When checked, these toggles will send amenity booking notifications. Two types of notifications can be enabled:

    1. Same-Day Booking and Modification Notice: Sends a notification to Property Team members assigned to the property when residents book, modify or cancel an amenity within the same day. Once enabled, add the email address of the agent you wish to receive the notification. Notifications can be sent to multiple addresses by separating them with commas.
    2. Email Notifications: Sends a notification when residents book this amenity to Property Team members assigned to the property.

  10. (Optional) Configure Offline Rules Offline time for amenity maintenance can be scheduled as required. To schedule offline mode for an amenity:

    1. Select the Offline checkbox
    2. Complete offline start and end dates

  11. Add a Photo
    To add a photo of the amenity, click on the camera icon. A file picker will allow you to upload a JPEG (recommended), PNG, or GIF image.

  12. Save the Amenity
    Click the Save button. Your amenity is now created.


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