Amenity booking can be restricted to prevent overbooking and to ensure fair usage amongst residents. They can also be used for scheduling cleaning and maintenance of rooms and equipment.

Restrictions limit the ability of residents to book amenities multiple times in a given period.


  1. Open an Amenity
    If your amenity isn't already open, navigate to Community → Amenities in the menu and click on the amenity you want to edit.
  2. Set the Maximum Number of Bookings
    Set the maximum number of bookings within a time period by entering a number in the Number of Bookings input.

  3. Set the Booking Frequency
    Select a time period of Per Week, Per Month, or Per Year from the Frequency select input.

  4. Set Amenity Capacity
    Some amenities, such as pools, can be booked by multiple residents simultaneously. To allow simultaneous bookings, adjust the number in Amenity Capacity.

  5. Click Save
    Your amenity restriction is now configured.

Remember: If you're using the Concurrent Bookings restriction, each of those concurrent bookings will count against the maximum daily bookings count.

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