In addition to self-serve options provided through the Resident Portal web and native apps, site teams can book amenities on behalf of residents.


  1. Navigate to the Calendar
    From the navigation bar, select Community and then Calendar.

  2. Click Book Amenity
    Click the Book Amenity button at the top of the page.

  3. Select a Property
    Add the property you wish to book from the Property selector.

  4. Add Resident(s)
    From the Resident selector, select the resident for whom you wish to book the amenity.

  5. Choose an Amenity
    From the Amenity selector, select the amenity you wish to book.

  6. (Optional) Add Notes
    To add notes for your team, enter text into the Internal Notes input box.

  7. Select Booking Date and Length
    First, select a booking date from the Booking Date selector. Next, select a length from the Booking Length selector. The system will check for availabilities on the date you selected.

  8. Select Booking Time
    If there is availability on your desired date, a series of times will appear. Select one to create your booking.
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