It’s simple to view all scheduled amenities at a property or portfolio.


  1. Navigate to the Community Calendar
    Amenity booking can be viewed by navigating to Communities and selecting Calendar.

  2. Select One or More Properties
    From the property selector, choose one or more properties to see their calendar events and amenity bookings.
  3. Optional: Focus on Amenities
    The community calendar is used to show property events and amenity bookings. To see only amenity bookings, enable the Amenities toggle off by clicking it. The calendar will now be limited to displaying amenity bookings. To restore the calendar’s default view, re-click the Amenities toggle.

  4. Optional: Change Your Viewing Mode
    The community calendar offers four views and displays the month view by default. To change your view, click on the desired tab.

  5. Select a Booking
    Clicking on the desired booking will enable a modal with booking information.

  6. Edit Booking
    You may now edit the date and/or time of the booking. Click the Book button to save your changes.
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