Notices allow site teams to present and/or send information to targeted groups of residents. They can be accessed by navigating to Community → Notices in the menu.

Notice Tabs

Notices are segmented into the following tabs:

  • All: Notices in all states appear here.
  • Delivered: Notices that have been sent to residents.
  • Scheduled: Notices that are scheduled to be sent to residents in the future
  • Expired: Notices that have passed their expiration date.

Clicking on any tab will return the relevant notices.

Using Search

If your assigned properties have many notices, you can find a notice using search.


  1. Enter a Search Term
    Enter a search term into the search box, click Enter, or use the Search button. The search scope is limited to the Name and Description of notices.

  2. Clear Search
    To clear your search, click the Clear button.

Sorting Notices

Notices can be sorted by Name, Post Date, and Expiration Date.

Filtering Notices

Filters are used to reduce the number of notices appearing in the listing, making it easier to find what you need.


  1. Open the Filter Drawer
    Clicking the Filter button will open the filter drawer.

  2. Select Filters
    Notices can be filtered by property or status:

    • By property: Click the Add button and select your desired properties.
    • By status: Select one or more statuses.

  3. Apply Filters
    The Update Filters button is activated when filters are selected. Click the button to apply your filters.

Clearing Notice Filters

Filters can be easily cleared to restore data that has been hidden.


  1. Open the Filter Drawer
    Clicking the “Filter” button will open the filter drawer.

  2. Click “Clear” Buttons
    You can clear property selection, status, or both.


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