Notices allow site teams to present and/or send information to targeted groups of residents. They can be accessed by navigating to Community → Notices in the menu.

Notices are sent to residents who are registered to Resident Portal and have opted into building notices. Please note that for safety reasons, urgent notices are sent to residents whether or not they have opted into building communications.



  1. Navigate to the Notices
    Accessed by navigating to Community → Notices in the menu.

  2. Click the Add New Button
    This will reveal the notice creation pop-up.

  3. (Optional) Select a Template
    When using a template, the system will use the configured template data to pre-populate your notice.

  4. Select a Notice Type
    You can choose from a series of options:

    1. Building Notice: Standard: Used for regular building communications.
    2. Building Notice: Urgent: Urgent notices bypass residents' notification preferences to ensure they are aware of important information.
    3. Legal Documents: dd
    4. Notice of Entry: Has its own permission

  5. Add Properties
    From the Properties select box, add the property or properties you would like to send the notice to. Depending on your Notice Type, you can use Property Options choose whether to send the notice to the entire property or units within the property.

  6. (Optional) Add Units
    If you have selected Units Within the Property from the Property Options select box, you can select the units to which you would like the notice delivered.

  7. Add Dates
    Select a date and time when the notice will be posted to residents by clicking on the Post Date select input. You may optionally add an Expiration Date.

  8. Add Notice Details
    Add a Title and Description for your notice. You may optionally add the the phone number of your management office to the notice by setting the Would you like to attach management office phone number to this notice? to active.

  9. (Optional) Set Effective Dates
    Notices can contain effective dates that display to residents. For example, a notice about a planned fire drill could contain a start date/time and an end date/time. You may add multiple sets of effective dates to a notice.

  10. (Optional) Include an Attachment
    To add an image or document to your notice, drag a file to the drag-and-drop area or click on Browse Files.

  11. (Optional) Add a Photo
    To add a photo that will display with your notice, drag an image to the drag-and-drop area or click on Browse Files.

  12. Save Notice
    Click the Save button. The status of your notice is will now display as Scheduled within the Notices table.
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