Events can be created for one or more properties within the management portal.


  1. Select Properties
    From the Properties select input, choose the properties at which the event will take place.

  2. Enter Event Name and Description
    Add a name and some text to describe the event to residents.

  3. (Optional) Add a Link
    If you want to share additional information or send residents to an external registration system, you may configure a link that will display to residents with other event details. Enter your link into the Event Link text box.

    Using text to the Link Text input will display your text as linked text. If you don't use the Link Text input, the Event name will be used instead.

  4. Add Dates
    • Post Date: Date and time the event will be visible to residents in the Resident Portal.
    • Start Date: Date and time the event the event starts.
    • End Date: Date and time the event ends.

  5. Configure Additional Options
    Additional checkboxes allow you to control event visibility, invitations, and RSVPs. To enable any of these options, check their checkbox.

    • Show Event in Resident Portal: Displays event information to residents within the Resident Portal.
    • Allow Residents to RSVP: Allows residents to signal their intent to attend an event, and for the system to track residents attending.
    • Notify Residents: Sends a message to residents in the building(s) of the event, depending on their notification preferences.

  6. Add an Image
    To add an image or document to your notice, drag a file to the drag-and-drop area or click on Browse Files.

  7. Create Event
    Click the Create button to save your event.
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