Promotions allow site teams to post in-house and third-party offers to the Resident Portal. When claiming an offer, residents can simply click on a link, so an external website for offer redemption is required.

Promotions are visible to the appropriate residents within the Resident Portal web app and native apps.

Promotions can be found by navigating to Community → Promotions in the menu.



  1. Navigate to Promotions
    Promotions can be found at Community → Promotions.

  2. Click Add Promotion
    Click the Add Promotion button. A new drawer will appear.

  3. Select One or More Properties
    From the Properties select input, add all properties which are eligible for the promotion.

  4. Enter a Name and Description
    Enter a name and description into the Promotion Name and Promotion Details inputs.

  5. Set an Expiration Date
    Select a date from the Expiry Date calendar input.

  6. (Optional) Set Notification Rules
    If you would like to notify residents of this promotion, check the Notify Residents checkbox.

  7. Enter Third-Party Partner Information
    If the promotion is offered by a third party, click the Yes radio control under Is this an external promotion? A new input named Vendor will appear. Enter the Vendor name.

  8. Add an Image
    From the Attach a Photo section, either drag an image or click the Browse Photos link and select your desired image. Accepted formats are GIF, PNG, and JPEG.

  9. Save Your Promotion
    Click the Create button to save your promotion.

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