Surveys provide a simple way for site teams to learn more about their residents.

Surveys can be found by navigating to Community → Surveys in the menu.



  1. Navigate to Surveys
    Surveys can be found by navigating to Community → Surveys in the menu.

  2. Add Survey
    Click the Add Survey button. A modal will appear.

  3. Enter a Name and Description
    Enter information into the Survey Name and Survey Description inputs.

  4. Select an Expiration Date
    From the Expiration Date calendar input, select the date on which the survey will no longer be accessible to residents.

  5. Select One or More Properties
    From the Properties select input, add one or more properties. Residents of these properties who have access to the Resident Portal will be able to fill out the survey.

  6. Create a Survey Question
    Add a question into the Question input and select a question type. Depending on your question type, additional options may appear. Refer to Question Types on this page for more information.

  7. (Optional) Add Additional Question
    Click the Add Additional Question button to add another question.

  8. (Optional) Save Survey
    You may save your progress by clicking the Save button. Your survey will remain in a draft state until published.

  9. Publish Survey
    Click the Publish button to proceed. A modal will ask you to confirm your choice. Click the Publish button to confirm. Your survey is now active.

Note: Once published, surveys cannot be edited.


Question Types

There are five question types that can be added to surveys. For all question types, respondents are limited to selecting a single choice.

Type Description

Short Text

Displays a text input to respondents.
Multiple Choice

Displays a series of answers for respondents to select.

Yes/No Displays Yes and No answers to the respondent.
Rating (out of 5) Displays a scale of 1-5 to respondents.
Rating (out of 10) Displays a scale of 1-10 to respondents.
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