Property Team members assigned to a Property receive an email notification when residents book an amenity for the same day, or change an existing amenity booking to start during that same day.

Keeping track of in-demand amenities can be challenging and knowing when they're in use is crucial to a good resident experience (for example, your Property Team might want to schedule cleaning in between bookings).


  1. Navigate to an Amenity
    If it's not already open, go to Community → Amenities in the menu and select the amenity you want to edit.

  2. Click on the Details Tab
    The Details tab will be open by default when you edit an amenity. If it's not open, click on the tab.

  3. Enable Same Day Booking and Modification Notice
    Set the Same Day Booking and Modification Notice to the active position.

  4. Save Your Change
    Click the Save button. If a resident books an amenity within the same day, or modifies an existing amenity booking to now start on that day, a notification will be sent to property team members who have opted in to amenity notifications.
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