After adding a prospect, their information and application process can be tracked. In addition to adding a prospect manually, prospects can be created through a property's lead form as well as via integration with other systems.


  1. Navigate to Prospects
    From the menu, go to Prospects → Prospects.

  2. Open a New Prospect
    Click the Create New button. An empty prospect drawer will open.

  3. Enter Lead Details
    Enter the prospect's First Name, Last Name, and Phone Number into the corresponding fields. You can optionally add an Email Address and Birth Date.

  4. Add Property and Unit Type
    From the Select a Property and Select a Unit Type inputs, choose the property and unit type in which the prospect has expressed interest.

  5. Add a Move-in Date
    From the Move-in Date calendar input, select the prospect's desired move-in date.

  6. Choose a Traffic Source and Preferred Budget
    From the Traffic Source and Preferred Budget select inputs, indicate how the prospect was originally captured, and their preferred budget range.

  7. (Optional) Add a Last-Contacted Date
    In the Last Contacted Date calendar input, select the date when the prospect was last contacted by an agent.

  8. Add Notes
    Add notes about the prospect into the Notes input.

  9. Save Your Prospect
    Click the Create button to save your prospect.

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