All maintenance tickets can be updated as service is assigned, scheduled, and completed.

Ticket Details

A series of additional information is available on a ticket after it is created. In all cases, to update a ticket, make your desired changes and click the Update button to save your work.


The status of a ticket is normally updated throughout its lifecycle.

  • New: Ticket has been created.
  • Fixing: 
  • Fixed: 
  • Parts Needed: 
  • Contractor Needed: 
  • Contact Resident: 
  • Closed: 


To further note which subcategory a ticket belongs to, enter one into the Subcategory input. An example might a ticket which has a category of Electric and a sub-category of Outlet.


Three classification options exist:

  • General Maintenance
  • Capital Projects
  • Replacement

To add a classification, select one from the Classification input.

Entry Date

When a maintenance user indicates they have entered a unit via the Maintenance+ app, this field is automatically populated with the date and time.

Tenant Damaged

If the reported issue is due to damage caused by a resident, check the Tenant Damaged checkbox.

Other Sections

Other information within the ticket will likely be updated during its lifecycle. The most commonly updated data will include:

  • Assignment and Scheduling
  • Travel Time
  • Time Worked
  • Photos
  • Internal Comments
  • Resident Messaging


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