Purchase Orders allow your team to track products and services required to fulfil tickets or projects. To add a purchase order:


  1. Navigate to Purchase Orders and Create Your Order
    From the menu, go to Maintenance → Purchase Orders and click the Add New button.

  2. Select a Vendor
    From the Vendor input, select a vendor who is assigned to this purchase order. If a new vendor is required, you can add one now.

  3. Add Date and Property
    Select the date of the purchase order from the Date input and a property from the Property input.

  4. Add a Catalog Item
    Catalog items represent the products and services being purchased. Enter the information related to the item and click the Add Catalog Item button. Once an item is added, yYou may add more by clicking the Add Another Item button.

    • Item Name: Name of the item
    • Item Description: Description of the item
    • Quantity: Number of items you wish to order
    • Estimated Cost Per Item: The unit cost of the item
    • Unit: The suite for which the purchase order is being created

  5. Link the Purchase Order to a Ticket or Project
    From the Link Service Requests and Link to Project areas, select a ticket or project to which this purchase order is associated.

  6. Add Comments
    If you have additional notes about this order, add them to the Comments input.

  7. Save Your Progress
    Click the Add Purchase Order button to save your order.

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