Projects provide your team with a convenient way to bundle multiple tickets into one coordinated effort.


  1. Navigate to Projects
    From the menu, go to Maintenance → Projects.

  2. Start Your Project
    Click the Add New button. A new project will appear.

  3. Select Property
    From the Property input, select the property where the project will take place.

  4. Select Property Options
    From the Property Options input select one of the following options:

    • Assign to Property: This will associate the project with the selected property.
    • Unit(s) within Property: You will now be able to select a unit to associate with the project.

  5. Add Project Details
    Add a name and description to the project, then select a date from the Due Date calendar input.

  6. Save Your Project
    When you're finished entering your information, click the Create button to save your project.

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