There are two ways to schedule a maintenance ticket. You may schedule service directly from a ticket or you use the Ticket Scheduler feature, which provides a more visual interface in which to work.

When a maintenance ticket is scheduled, the residents of that unit will receive a 24 notice of entry if:

  • They have indicated No within the Permission to Enter input on the ticket.
  • The residents of the unit have opted into maintenance notifications.

Scheduling in a Ticket

  1. Navigate to Maintenance Ticket 
    From the menu, go to Maintenance → Tickets and find your desired ticket.

  2. (Optional) Assign the Ticket
    Choose an assignee from the Assignees input.

  3. Indicate that the Ticket is Scheduled
    Check the Scheduled checkbox.

  4. Enter Scheduling Information
    Add details to the Start Time and Scheduled Date inputs. You may optionally add information to the Duration input.

  5. Update Ticket
    Click the Update button to save your work.

Using the Ticket Scheduler

  1. Navigate to the Ticket Scheduler
    From the menu, go to Maintenance → Ticket Scheduler and select a property from the select input at the top of the page. A list of tickets will now appear on the side of the calendar. Scheduled tickets will appear within the calendar.

  2. Drag and Drop a Ticket
    Find the ticket you wish to schedule and drag it to an open space in the calendar. A dialog will appear, asking you to confirm the Start Date, Start Time, Duration, and Assign To. Enter fields as required.

  3. Save Your Progress
    Click the Save button to update your ticket. The residents of the affected unit will receive a notification of the scheduled work. If you have assigned resource, they will also receive a notification.
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