Maintenance requests that need to be postponed or rescheduled can be deferred either manually or automatically. Auto-deferred tickets are deferred after a predetermined period of time.

When tickets are deferred, residents who have opted into maintenance notifications will receive a message informing them of a delay to their ticket's resolution. The ticket status will then update to Auto-Deferred and any assigned agents will be removed.

To set up auto-deferral:


  1. Navigate to Company Preferences
    From the Settings menu, navigate to Automation → Company Preferences.

  2. Enable Auto-Close
    Enable the Auto Close Fixed Maintenance Tickets toggle.

  3. Enable Deferral
    Enable the Defer Service Requests toggle. A new input will appear.

  4. Set Deferral Timing
    Enter the number of hours you wish a ticket to remain open before being automatically deferred.

  5. Save Your Work
    Click the Update Preferences button. Your tickets will now be automatically deferred after your desired time period.
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