Rent Roll displays all units within a property and provides access to leases and their associated actions.

Using Rent Roll Tabs

Tabs allow you to focus on data that is most important to your situation. The following options are available:

  • Rent Roll: All units and current and upcoming leases
  • Previous: All expired leases
  • Upcoming: All upcoming leases
  • Renewing: All leases that have a renewal in progress
  • Expiring Soon: All units that are on notice
  • Vacant: All units that are vacant
  • All: All current and historical leases

Searching Rent Roll

To find a particular unit or resident, enter their a unit number or resident name into the search box and click the Search button. To clear a search, click the Clear button.

Filtering Rent Roll

A series of filters are available to narrow your view of the rent roll. Available filter types are:

  • Property
  • Status
  • Vacancy

Sorting Prospects

By default, the rent roll is sorted by unit number.

The following columns can be sorted:

  • Unit Number
  • Residents
  • Lease Start Date
  • Lease End Date
  • Total Monthly Rent


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