Ancillary items such as parking and storage can be added to an upcoming or active lease. Remember then when ancillary items are added your organization may require an addendum or other form of contract document.

Note: If your HappyCo system is integrated with a third-party PMS such as Yardi leases cannot be edited. In this case, your site team will not be able to add ancillary items to a lease.


  1. Navigate to a Lease
    From the menu, navigate to Rent Roll and find the lease to which you would like to add an ancillary item. Click on the lease.

  2. Open the Add Additional Dialog
    With the lease open, scroll to the Ancillary Items section and click the Add Additional button. A dialog will appear.

  3. Add Item Details
    Select an item type and its corresponding details, including rental amount, deposits, start date, and duration.

  4. Save Your Added Item
    Click the Next button. The item will appear on the lease under Ancillary Items.

  5. Save Your Lease
    Click the Save button to save your work.
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