In most cases, you will want to issue a notice to residents as part of your renewal process.

Note: Customers with an active PMS integration must ensure that a renewal has been initiated within that system before starting the renewal process on the Happy Property platform.


  1. Open the Lease You Wish to Renew
    From the menu, navigate to Rent Roll. Find the lease you wish to renew and click on it. The lease will open in a drawer.

  2. Start a Renewal with Notice
    Click on the Options tab of the lease and then, under Renew with Notice, click the Perform Renewal button.

  3. Select a Renewal Term
    From the Resident Renewal Option(s) input, select a renewal term. Click the Next button.

  4. Complete Lease Terms
    The lease terms should appear automatically, but you can adjust the start and end date if necessary. Indicate if renter's insurance is required on the unit and click the Next button.

  5. (Optional) Attach or Upload a Schedule A
    Schedule A documents are often appended to a lease. If you want to add this document you can select the default Schedule A from the Schedule input, or click the Click to Add a New Schedule A link and upload your document.

    Click the Next button to continue.

  6. Set Lease Pricing
    If your renewal was initiated within as PMS, the renewal pricing is likely to be updated. If not, or if you don't use a PMS, enter the renewal rent and deposits.

    If you don't wish to add ancillary items, click the Next button.

  7. (Optional) Add Ancillary Items
    To add ancillary items to the renewal, click the Add Additional button under Items and input the relevant information. Click the Next button. Your item is now added.

    When you're done adding ancillary items, click the Next button.

  8. (Optional) Add Rental Incentives
    To add a rental incentive, click the Add Rental Incentive button and enter your start date, frequency, monthly amount, and a description. To add more incentives, click the Add Rental Incentive button.

    You can delete an incentive by clicking on the trash icon.

    Click the Next button to continue.

  9. Configure Services and Utilities
    Update the services and utilities information for the renewal. You may add extra services by clicking the Add Services button. Click the Next button to continue.

  10. Add Lease Documents
    Select a lease document from the Lease Template input. You may also add additional documents such as addenda from the Other Template input.

    Click the Next button.

  11. (Optional) Assign an Agent
    Assign an agent from the Assign an Agent input.

    Click the Next button.

    This is where the system stops working for me!
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