The Applications dashboard contains all applicants - from those invited to apply to application completion.

Using Application Tabs

Tabs allow you to focus on data that is most important to your situation. The following options are available:

  • Pending Landlord Action: Applications or leases waiting for site team action
  • Flagged: Applications that have been flagged based on rules
  • Pending Tenant Action: Applications or leases waiting for applicant action, such as application submission or lease signing
  • Completed: Leases that have been fully executed
  • Denied/Cancelled: Applications that have been denied or cancelled
  • All: All applications

Searching Applications

To search for a particular application, enter the applicant's name, unit number, or assigned agent into the search box and click the Search button. To clear a search, click the Clear button.

Filtering Applications

A series of filters are available to narrow your view of prospects. Available filter types are:

  • Property
  • Status

Sorting Applications

By default, prospects are sorted by the date and time they were created, in reverse chronological order.

The following columns can be sorted:

  • Unit
  • Move-in Date
  • Assigned Agent
  • Created At
  • Applied On
  • Last Reminded
  • Desired Unit Type


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