Inviting leads to apply requires minimal work from your leasing team and starts your leasing workflow.

Step 1: Start Your Invitation

  1. Navigate to Applications
    From the menu, select Applications.

  2. Click Invite Lead
    Click the Invite Lead button at the top of the page. A new dialog will open.

Step 2: Find or Create a Lead

Your first step is to add a lead applicant. You may add a current prospect, prior or current resident, or create an entirely new lead.

Search Existing Prospect

  1. Start Searching for a Prospect
    Click the Search Existing Prospect button.

  2. Enter Prospect Name
    Start typing the prospect's name, email, or phone number, then select the desired prospect. A card with their information will appear.

Search Prior or Existing Resident

  1. Start Searching for a Resident
    Click the Search Prior or Existing Resident button.
  2. Enter Resident Name
    Start typing the resident's name, email, or phone number, then select the desired resident. A card with their information will appear.

Create New Lead

  1. Start Creating a Lead
    Click the Create New Lead button.

  2. Enter Lead Details
    Add details for the resident, such as first and last name, email, phone number, date of birth, and the traffic source that brought them to apply.

Step 3: Add Details

  1. Enter Lease Details
    Add a property, unit number, lease start and end dates, and early move in date, if applicable.

    If you wish to assign a unit later, enable the Assign Unit Later switch.

    Note for Yardi Voyager Users: Only units that are vacant or on-notice and rent ready in Yardi will appear in the drop down selector when you select your property. Please ensure that you've updated your Yardi details in order to find the right unit when sending an application.

  2. Add Further Details
    Indicate if pro-rated rent will be collected in the event of an early move in, whether you are collecting the first month's rent with the deposit, and if the lead can invite additional applicants.

  3. Enter Lease Pricing
    Add the monthly rent, rental deposit, and key deposit amounts. If your system is integrated with a PMS, the amounts should appear automatically.

  4. (Optional) Add Ancillary Items
    To add an ancillary item, click the Add Additional button and enter its information. To add another item, click the Add Additional button.

  5. (Optional) Add Rental Incentives
    To add a rental incentive, enable the Add Rental Incentive switch, then click the Add Rental Incentive button. Enter all information on the form. Add additional incentives by clicking on the Add Rental Incentive button.

    Note for Yardi Voyager Users: Incentives are pulled from Yardi and will be selectable when you enable the Add Rental Incentive toggle. The Rental Incentive Type input displays all lease specials and may be configurable depending on how it was set up in Yardi. Note that you may only select an incentive once.

Step 4: Send Invitation

  1. Click the Send Button
    The invitation will be sent to the applicant by the method of their choice (email or SMS).


  • The details entered for application invitations are used within the lease creation process and are reflected in the application sent to the lead. Please make sure the details are accurate and correct
  • If you select an early move in date, the rent for the early move in will be automatically prorated when the applicant signs the lease.
  • Lease pricing is pulled automatically from the property and unit that you select. Depending on your company's permissions, you can edit these as required.
  • You only need to send the application to one lead. The lead can then add co-tenants in the application. You can also add an additional prospect after you invite the initial lead by clicking on the application and then navigating to the Add Applicant button.
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