For leads who don't have access to a computer or who aren't comfortable applying on their own, an in-person application flow is available. Leasing agents can assist these leads by helping them to apply in person.

To apply in person, leads must have an active invitation.


  1. Open an Application
    From the menu, navigate to Applications and find the application you want to edit. Click on the application. Application details will open in a drawer.

  2. Find Applicant
    Click on the Residents tab and find the resident who is applying in person. Click the Apply In Person button. An application page will appear.

  3. Enter Application Information
    Enter application details to the page with the resident. Remember that you can't save your progress, so be sure to have information such as addresses, employment details, references, proof of income, and identification on hand.

  4. Submit Application
    When you're done entering information, click the Submit button. The applicant's information is now submitted.
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