You may encounter situations where new applicants need to be added to an application that is already completed. For companies who do not use a PMS, this can be done in a few steps.


  1. Open Your Desired Application
    From the menu, navigate to Applications and find the application you want to work on. Click the application to open. In this case, the application will have a status of Complete.

  2. Add Applicant Details
    Click the Add Applicant button and enter details. Click the Save button. The application will revert to Pending status and the new applicant will receive an invitation to apply.
Note: The original applicant(s) will not need to resubmit their application, but if the application is approved they will need to sign a new lease.
Note: If a deposit had been paid to complete the previous lease, the landlord must remember to mark it as paid once the payment has been created in the payments tab.
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