Once an application is approved, a lease can be created.


  1. Open Your Desired Application
    From the menu, navigate to Applications and find the application you want to work on. Click the application to open. The application must have the status of Create Lease.

  2. Start Lease Creation
    Click the Create Lease button.

  3. Confirm Unit and Property
    Ensure that the unit and property are correct, the click the Next button.

  4. Confirm Lease Dates
    Confirm the start and end dates of the lease and set an early move-in date, if applicable.

  5. Determine Proration Charges
    Select whether a prorated rent charge is applicable to the early move in date.

  6. Set Insurance Requirements
    Select whether renter's insurance is required on the unit being leased. Click the Next button.

  7. (Optional) Select or Add a Schedule A
    Determine if a Schedule is required, then click the Next button.

  8. Confirm Lease Pricing
    Ensure lease pricing and deposits are correct and adjust if necessary. Click the Next button to proceed, or add ancillary items.

  9. (Optional) Add Ancillary Items
    Under Items, click the Add Additional button. A modal will appear. Provide details for the ancillary item you wish to add, then click the Next button within the modal. Add more items as required.

    You can delete an added item by clicking on the trash icon next to it.

    Click the Next button.

  10. (Optional) Add a Rental Incentive
    To add an incentive, click the Add Rental Incentive button and enter the required information. Click the Next button.

  11. Confirm Services and Utilities
    Specify the utilities relevant to the lease and the payer. To add an extra service, select the Add Extra Service button. Next, determine who will pay for utilities.

    Click the Next button.

  12. Select or Add a Welcome Package
    From the Choose a Welcome Package input, select an existing package or upload a new one. Click the Next button.

  13. Review Lease
    Review all information that will be used to create the lease. To edit any incorrect information, select the Edit button next to its respective section of information.

  14. Create Lease
    Click the Next button. Your lease will generate. This may take up to a minute. Once generated, the lease will automatically be sent to applicants to sign.
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