When a lease has been created and signed by the tenant, it ca signed by a member of the property team.


  1. Open Your Desired Application
    From the menu, navigate to Applications and find the application you want to work on. Click the application to open. Ensure your application status is Sign Lease.

  2. Start Lease Signing
    Click the Sign Lease button. The lease will appear. Click the Next button to progress to the signature page.

  3. Open Signature Creation
    Click the Sign Here field to open the signature creation interface.

  4. Sign Lease
    • To use the pre-generated signature, click the Sign button.
    • To change the text in the pre-generated signature, edit the text in the box below the signature.
    • To make a custom signature, set the Sign toggle to Active
    • Click the Sign button to proceed

      Repeat this step until all required signatures have been completed, then click the Continue button.

  5. Confirm Lease
    A modal will appear to confirm that you agree to being bound by the agreement and the terms of service. Click the I Agree button. The lease is now full executed.
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