Configuration for credit and soft checks occurs at both company and property levels.

Credit Checks: A standard credit retrieval.

Soft Checks: An additional check which includes a public directory search of 200k+ databases around the world. It provides additional context which may include criminal records, court decisions, negative PR, social profiles, employment history and more. Soft checks incur additional fees.

Note: Our current credit check provider is CERTN, which is an Equifax reseller.

Configure Checks Globally


  1. Open Automations
    From the header, click the Gear icon and select Automation.

  2. Enable Credit Reports
    Open Company Preferences and navigate to Enable Credit Reports. This toggle is enabled by default. If it's disabled, re-enable it.

  3. Enable Soft Checks
    Navigate to Upgrade Your CERTN report to perform Soft Checks and enable the toggle.

  4. Save Your Progress
    Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Update Preferences button.

Configure Checks Per Property


  1. Navigate to Your Desired Property
    From the menu, click Properties, and find the property you wish to configure. Click the Options link and select View Property.

  2. Edit Credit Check Permissions
    Scroll to the Credit Check Permissions section and click the Edit link. Select one of the following options:
    1. Company Defaults
    2. Credit Checks Only
    3. Credit Checks and Soft Check
    4. Credit Checks, Soft Checks, and US Criminal Checks

  3. Save Your Progress
    Click the Save button to update your property.
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