In some situations, an application can get un-synced from its Yardi Status. It is important that you do not alter or modify the applications in Yardi directly. Instead please follow the instructions below for different use cases.

Applications on Occupied Units

If the unit on an application occupied, not rent ready, and not on notice, the property manager will not be able to complete the application. They will instead need to create a new application.

Application at Create Lease Status

If an application status with a status of Create Lease is for an occupied unit in Yardi, agents will be unable to progress until the unit is set to Ready for Rent in Yardi Voyager. You will have the option to transfer, cancel, or deny the application.

Denied or Cancelled Applications

If a previously denied or cancelled application is for an occupied unit, you will no longer be able to transfer or un-deny the application

Applications for Available Units

Applications that can be synced with Yardi Voyager contain a blue Sync Application button, allowing you to to synchronize the application to Yardi.
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