Application workflows are customizable conditions your team can configure automatically filter and action applications that meet certain criteria.

Applications can be flagged or rejected, saving your team time and energy.

Warning: Once application workflows are configured, all applications that are not flagged or rejected will automatically be approved. When setting up your workflows, we recommend starting with credit score, and rent to income.


1. Start Creating Your Workflow

  1. Navigate to Rules
    From the menu, navigate to Insights

  2. Add a New Workflow
    Click the Add Workflow button. A new modal will appear.

  3. Enter Workflow Details
    Enter a Rule Name and a Rule Description. From the Object to Target input, select Applications. Then add a rule description.

  4. Select Properties
    From the Properties input, select the buildings where your workflow will take effect.

2. Set Condition

  1. Select an Item
    Select one of four items for your condition:


    • Credit Score: Used to reject or flag low credit scores
    • Was Previous Resident: Used to flag applications so the property team can check internal records for previous tenants.
    • Rent to Income: Used to compare the rent amount with the applicant's income

  1. Select an Operator (Unavailable for Was Previous Resident)
    Operators indicate what action or operation to perform.

      • Equal: The value is equal to that of the item
      • Not Equal: The value is not equal to that of the item
      • Less Than: The value is less than that of the item
      • Less Than or Equal To: The value is less than or equal to that of the item
      • Greater Than: The value is greater than that of the item
  2. Set a Value
    For Credit Score and Rent to Income, set a numerical value in the Enter Number field. For Was Previous Resident, set the toggle to Yes or No.

3. Select an Action

  1. Select Action
    Select one of three actions from the Action input:

    • Reject Application: The application will be automatically rejected.
    • Flag Application: The application will be flagged, and will need to be manually reviewed.
    • Modify Security Deposit: The security deposit associated with the application will be changed to the value set within this rule.

  2. (Modify Security Deposit Only) Set an Amount
    Select one of three options:

    • One Month's Rent: 100% of the unit's market rent
    • Half Month's Rent: 50% of the unit's market rent
    • Custom Amount: A fixed amount configured within the next step
  3. (Custom Amount Only) Set Custom Amount
    Enter a value in the Amount input.

4. Save Your Workflow

  1. Click Next to save your workflow.
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