What is the Insights Dashboard?

The Insights Dashboard lets your team use your data for business intelligence reporting. Generate, review, and manipulate data based on dozens of reports and data from your unique dataset.

How do Insights Help Me?

Generating detailed reports helps inform you to improve your processes, monitor applications, manage applications, review maintenance capacity, analyze occupancy or payments, and much more.

How to Use the Insights Dashboard

  1. Navigate to Insights Dashboards
    From the main navigation, go to Insights
    Insights Dashboards

  2. Select Your Dashboard
    Select a dashboard to generate from the Select a Dashboard menu (top-right).

  3. (Optional) Set a Date Range
    Click the Date Range input to refine the date range and select your desired dates.

To save your results as a PDF or PNG, scroll to the bottom of the dashboard, and click on the Download button in the bottom right-hand corner.

Note: Some users may not see all reports if you do not have the corresponding module enabled.
Available Reports
  • Inspections

    • Inspections Insight Report

  • Leasing

    • Current Active Applications

    • Agent Leasing Performance

    • Lease Time to Close Insights Report

    • Signed Leases Report

    • Cancelled Completed Leases Report

    • Leasing Conversion Report

    • Student Housing Lease-up Report

    • Leasing Velocity Report

  • Maintenance

    • Maintenance Assets Report

    • Service Request Performance

    • Maintenance Work Log

  • Marketing

    • Prospect Marketing Sources Report

    • Prospect Unit Type Demand Report

  • Occupancy

    • Rent Roll

    • Lease Expires

    • Move-Ins

    • Past / Current Resident Data

    • Pet Reporting

    • Vehicle Reporting

  • Purchase Orders

    • Purchase Order Insights Report

  • Resident Engagement

    • Community Engagement

    • Amenity Usage

  • Showings

    • Showing Performance Report

    • Call-Center Booking Performance

  • Payments

    • On Hold Payments Report

    • Payments Report

    • Reconciliation Report

    • Resident PAP Details Report

    • (Non-Yardi) Accounts Receivable

  • Configuration

    • Yardi Configuration Report

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