The Maintenance+ app streamlines service request creation and resolution. Creating a new ticket is fast and easy.


  1. Start Ticket
    Press the + button at the bottom of the screen.

    The ticket creation interface will now open. To exit ticket creation, click the x button (top-left) anytime during creation. The ticket will be saved until the + button is pressed again.

  2. Enter Ticket Details
    First, select a property by clicking on the Select a Property input and choosing a property. Once the property is selected, new inputs will appear. Add a location, subject, and description into their corresponding inputs.
  3. Add Images
    Click the Upload Images button to add images to your ticket. A prompt will appear, allowing you to upload existing images from your device to take a new photo.

  4. Complete Your Ticket
    Click the Submit button to submit your ticket. You may view existing service requests by clicking the View Service Requests button, or you can return to your submitted ticket by clicking the Close (X) button (top-left).

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