The dashboard is the home screen for all Maintenance+ users. From here, you can create, view, and manage maintenance tickets.

The Maintenance+ app is accessible to maintenance users only. If you cannot log into the Maintenance+ app, please ensure your account type is Maintenance User, not Agent.


There are two ways to filter the presented tickets on the Dashboard, Filters (top-right) or Quick Filters.

Applying Filters

The filter function lets you view tickets by Property, Assignee, or Status.

  1. Open Filters
    Click the Filter button. A new screen will appear with a series of categories that you can enable.

  2. Select Filters
    Select your desired criteria from the Property, Assignee, and Status inputs.

  3. Apply Filters
    Click the Filter button at the bottom of the screen. You'll notice that the filter button now has a red circle displaying the number of active filters. A message will also appear, providing information on the number of filtered requests that are currently displayed.

Editing or Resetting Filters

  1. Open Filters
    Click the Filter button. A new screen will appear with the selected filter data visible.

  2. Edit Criteria
    If you want to edit your filtered data, choose new criteria and click the Filter button.

  3. Reset Filters
    To reset filters, click the Reset button.

Using Quick Filters

Quick filters provide you with quick access to common views.

  • My Tickets: Tickets that are assigned to your user account.
  • In Progress: Tickets in progress, meaning the status has been set to Fixing.
  • Unassigned: Tickets without an assignee.
  • Upcoming: Tickets or recurring maintenance items that are yet to be fixed.



To search for a ticket, simply press the Search Bar, enter one or more keywords, and click the Search button.


Viewing Tickets

Tickets are visible below the Quick Filters, displayed in three sections:

  • Overdue: Tickets past their scheduled date that have not been completed.
  • Not Scheduled Yet: Tickets that have been created or assigned, but not scheduled.
  • Scheduled: All scheduled tickets.

The tickets in the dashboard contain important information at a glance, providing an informed overview without the need to click on the ticket.

From left to right, the tile displays:

  • Property: Name of the property.
  • Unit Number: The unit number.
  • Pets: Whether or not the unit contains pets.
  • Permission to Enter: Whether to not permission to enter has been granted.

In bold, the subject of the ticket is displayed above the assigned maintenance user.

To the right of this, the ticket number is visible, and the priority of the ticket.

Finally, on the bottom; the status of the ticket, and the scheduled date, if applicable.

Click on a ticket to view or edit its details.

Maintenance+ Footer

At the bottom of the dashboard the footer allows users to quickly navigate home, add a ticket or access their settings.


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