The initial number of residents in a unit can change throughout a lease. You can add a resident to an existing lease in the Residents tab.

Note: Some property teams may be unable to add residents via this method due to inactive modules or integration settings.


  1. Open the Rent Roll
    Click on the Rent Roll in the menu. You will see a list of units. Click on the unit to which you wish to add the resident. A drawer with its lease details will open.

  2. Start Adding
    Click the Residents. If the new resident is a leaseholder, click the Add Leaseholder button. If they are an occupant, click the Add Occupant button.

  3. Add Resident Details
    Add the resident's details to the provided inputs.

  4. Save Your Progress
    Click the Save button when you're done.


  • If you're adding a leaseholder, you will likely need to amend your lease. Please check with your team about your company's policies.
  • Once a leaseholder is added, they can be invited to the Resident Portal. You can invite them from the Residents module.
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