Property details, such as amenities, services, floor plans, and units, can be managed centrally.

Note: Companies with active PMS integrations cannot edit some details directly and should change these within their PMS. A full list of editable information can be found below.


  1. Navigate to Properties
    From the menu, click on Properties.

  2. Open a Property
    Find the property you wish to edit. Click on the Options link and select Edit Property or View Property (for PMS-enabled customers).

  3. Edit Details
    To edit a section, click the Edit button. A new page with its details will open. Make your desired changes, and click the Save button.

  4. Save Your Progress
    Once you've completed your edits, click the Save button to commit your changes.
Property Data Additional Details PMS Enabled No PMS
Property Name   No Yes
Property Address   No Yes
Important Details
  • Third-party management
  • Security deposit collected
No Yes
Property Details and Preferences
  • Pets
  • Utilities
No Yes
Ancillary Items      
Assigned Leasing Agents Controls agents responsible for showings No Yes
Services and Utilities   Yes Yes
Floor Plans   No Yes
Units   No Yes
Application Help Message   No Yes
Property Owned Rooms   Yes Yes
Contact Details   Yes Yes
Property FAQs Frequently asked questions that appear in the Resident Portal. Yes Yes
Pre-Showing Instructions Instructions are sent to prospects prior to showings. Yes Yes
Welcome Video Link Welcome video links are included in application invitations Yes Yes
Credit Check Permissions Allows you to set property-specific credit check permissions for site staff. Yes Yes
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