Customers who do not have an active PMS integration can add properties directly to the Properties module.


  1. Start Creating a Property
    From the menu, click on Properties. The Properties dashboard will appear. Click the Add Property button.

  2. Add Names
    Add the Property's nickname and legal name, then click the Next button.

  3. Add Important Details
    Indicate if you own the property and collect a security deposit or last month's rent. Click the Next button.

  4. Complete Owner Details
    If you indicated that your company doesn't own the building, complete owner details, then click the Next button.

  5. Select a Property Type
    Select a type of property (apartment, single-family, etc.) and indicate if it is a single unit. When complete, click the Next button.

  6. Add Property Address
    Enter the address of your property, then indicate whether an N1 or N2 form is used to increase rent. Click the Next button when you're done.

  7. Complete Property Details and Preferences
    First, indicate if pets are welcome in the building, then select whether utilities are included with rent. When you're done, click the Next button.

  8. Add Ancillary Items
    Add items such as parking spaces or storage closets by clicking Add Additional. A new modal will open for the item. Enter data in the corresponding fields, and click Next to save an item. You may add more items by clicking the Add Additional button.

    When you're done adding ancillary items, click the Next button.

  9. Add Floor Plans
    To create your first floor plan, click the Add Additional Floor Plan button, then add an image, name, and description.

    Click the Add Additional Floor Plan button again to add another floor plan. When you're done adding floor plans, click the Next button.

  10. Add Units
    To create your first unit, click the Add Unit button, then enter its details. Click the Next button when you're done creating your room.

    Note: Available to rent indicates that the unit can currently have a resident, not that it doesn't have one already. If a unit has a resident, it is available to rent. If a unit doesn't have a resident and is under renovation, it is unavailable to rent.

    Click the Add Unit button again to add another unit. When you're done adding units, click the Next button.

  11. Add Rooms to Units
    Each unit can contain multiple rooms. Click the Add Room button within the Add Unit modal to add a room. Once you've added a Room Type and Name, you can add internal rooms or save your room by clicking the Next button.

    Click the Add Room button again to add another room. When you're done adding rooms, click the Next button.

  12. Add Contact Information
    To add contact information, click the Add Additional Contact Details button and enter your data. Click the Next button when you're done.

  13. Configure Services and Utilities
    Utilities and service charges can be set by selecting their radio controls. Identify if each service and utility is included and who will pay. You can add more services by clicking the Add Service button and completing the corresponding inputs.

    Be sure also to include information within the Services Details and Utilities Details inputs. These will display to applicants of the property.

    Click the Next button when you're done.

  14. Configure Leasing Agents
    You can assign specific leasing agents for showings by choosing No from the Use Communal Showings radio group.

    When you select No, a new select input will allow you to choose agents.

    Click the Next button when you're done. Your property is ready for use and will be viewable within the Properties dashboard.


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