Unfortunately, sometimes payments don't process due to non-sufficient funds (NSF). When this happens, you can report it so the charge is marked as outstanding and so you can optionally charge an NSF fee.

Note: Companies with an active PMS integration must report NSF payments within their PMS.


  1. Open the Payment
    From the menu, click on Charges, and click the charge you wish to work with. You can most easily find it in the Paid tab. The status of the charge must be Paid to report it as NSF.

  2. Report NSF
    Scroll to the bottom of the payment modal and click the Report NSF.

  3. (Optional) Add an NSF Fee
    If your company charges an NSF fee, enter the amount in the NSF Fee Amount input. This will create a new charge.

  4. Save Your Work
    Click the Report NSF button. The charge will be updated with a status of NSF.
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