It's often a good idea to notify residents about upcoming rental charges. Residents who use Autopay benefit by ensuring they have the necessary funds in their bank account and those who prefer to pay using a card are reminded that they will need to take action.

You can send up to two notifications per month.


  1. Navigate to Automation
    Click on Settings (gear icon) in the header and select Automation. The Automation page will load.

  2. Enable Upcoming Rent Emails
    Navigate to Upcoming Rent Emails and enable the toggle.

  3. Configure Notification Schedule
    You can configure two notifications to be sent 1-5 days before rent is due.

  4. Save Your Work
    Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Update Preferences button.

Note: The system will always send two notifications to residents. Setting the two notifications to the same day will still result in two separate emails.

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