Autopay allows residents to set up recurring payments automatically debited from their bank account. Payment batches consist of all upcoming charges for a given property and payment period. In this article, we discuss automated batches. Property managers can also create batches manually.

Note: Automated batches are only available to customers with an active Yardi integration.

How Batches Are Created

A charge will be added to a batch if it satisfies the following conditions:

  1. It is an active lease charge in Yardi

  2. The resident to be charged has pre-authorized payment details on file

Batches are created on the 25th of each month and are updated nightly with new information. For example, if a resident makes an early rent payment, their total will automatically be adjusted within the batch.

Reviewing Batches

Before sending, batches remain in a Draft state. Draft batches will not be processed until they are scheduled. Property managers should ensure that batches are reviewed prior to being sent.

Scheduling Batches

Once a batch has been reviewed, it should be scheduled before 6:00 PM two days before the processing date. For example, a batch to be processed on Wednesday, July 1, should be scheduled before 6:00 PM on Monday, June 29.

Batch Statuses

Scheduled and Processing

Once a batch is scheduled, its status will change to Scheduled. On the scheduled date, the status will change to Processing, signalling that the payments have been sent and are awaiting confirmation from their respective banks.


When payment confirmations have been received, the batch status will change to Processed.

Credit card payments generally take one business day to send funds to the property's bank account. Residents will receive a transaction record on the transaction date.

Direct debit payments generally take two business days to send funds to the property's bank account. Residents will receive a transaction record on their account before the day following the transaction date, and the record will reflect the transaction date.

Failed Payments

Failed payments can take up to five days to identify. When failures occur (non-sufficient funds, invalid account details, stopped payments, etc.), the payments will appear in the Failed Payments tab within a batch.

These payments will be included in an automatically generated Failed Payments Report, and the amounts will be updated within the system.

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