A payment batch is a group of payments that are sent to be processed at the same time. For customers with an active Yardi integration, payment batches are automatically created near the end of each month.

Customers without a Yardi integration or who want to schedule off-cycle payments can do so manually.


  1. Start Your Batch
    From the menu, click on Batches. The Payment Batches page will load. Click on the Create New button.

  2. Enter Batch Details
    Select a property and add a name and description for the batch. When you're done, click the Create button. The batch will be added to the batch table.

  3. Add Payments
    From the batch table, open the batch and click on the Payments tab. Click the Add New Payment button. A drawer will open. Select the unit and resident, and enter the amount and a description. Finally, select a payment type. Click the Add Payment to save your payment.

    Continue to add payments to your batch until you're finished.

  4. Schedule Your Batch
    When you're ready to schedule your batch, click the Schedule Batch button. A new drawer will open. Select a date from the Processing Date input and click the Schedule Batch button. The batch's status will update to Scheduled and will now appear within the Scheduled tab of the Payment Batches table.

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