You will likely be asked to pay one or more deposits during your application process. Here's how to conveniently pay online.

Placing a hold when filling out an application

You can place a credit card hold for your deposit(s) while filling out an application. Credit card holds are not immediately charged to your card, but the hold amount will be deducted from your credit limit.

Holds are typically only valid for seven days after the transaction.


  1. Confirm Your Deposit Details
    The first step of your application contains a series of details, including some about your deposit(s). Confirm everything is correct, then click the Looks Good to Me button.

  2. Open the Payment Window
    On the following screen, you can pay your deposit(s) by credit card. Click the Pay $Amount Securely by Credit Card button to do so.

  3. Submit Payment Details
    Enter the required information on the payment form, and click the Continue button. If your payment hold is accepted, you will receive a success will appear, and you will receive confirmation via email and/or SMS.

Paying after you've submitted an application

If you wish to pay your application deposit(s) after submitting your application, you can use your credit card or conduct a one-time direct withdrawal.


  1. Log into the Applicant Portal
    Log into your applicant portal, and within the Application Status section, click on the Pay the Deposit to Finalize the Lease Agreement link.

  2. Choose a Payment Method
    Select either Credit Card or Direct Debit to continue. Please note that different options may have different associated fees.

  3. Enter Your Information and Make Your Payment
    Enter your card information and click the Continue button. If your payment is accepted, a success method will appear, and you will receive an invoice via email and/or SMS.

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