You can easily cancel when a service request has been created in error or when you've solved the problem yourself.

Note: Not all property managers allow residents to cancel service requests. If you don't see the options mentioned in this article, contact your property team.


Web Portal

  1. Log in and Open Requests
    Log into the portal and navigate to View Service Request. Click the View Request button. A new form will open.

  2. Select Request
    Select the request you wish to edit by clicking its View Details link.

  3. Cancel Request
    At the top of the ticket, click the Cancel Service Request link. A confirmation screen will open. Click the Yes button. Your ticket will now be cancelled.

Resident Portal App

  1. Open and Log into the Resident App
    Open the app and log in with your account.

  2. Open Service Request
    Click on Maintenance from the app menu, and then click on the service request you'd like to update.

  3. Cancel Request
    Click the Cancel Request button. A confirmation screen will open. Click the Yes, Cancel It button. Your request will now be cancelled.
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