What is the Prospects+ Dashboard?

The Prospects module is the top of your Leasing funnel! This is where all of your leads, showings and referrals appear. There are three different dashboards within the Prospects dropdown:

  • Prospects

  • Showings

  • Referrals (optional)

This article will cover the "Prospects" dashboard.

What can I do with the Prospects Dashboard?

The Prospects dashboard allows you to track and convert leads from any sources and/or optional integrations with other products or marketing websites. You can also create new leads directly within the dashboard.

The Prospects dashboard is also an invaluable data source for anyone interested in your properties, including all converted, rejected and stale leads.

A Prospect at a Glance

All prospects in the table are in their own rows, allowing you to quickly access information about the prospect.

From left to right are; the status of the prospect and the quality:

Note: Quality is a time- and interaction-based quality given to all leads to describe the likelihood that a prospect might be converted. The different qualities are hot, warm and cold. The quality value can be changed in the prospects sidebar.

The name of the lead and their phone number:

The lead's email and the age of the prospect (when the prospect was created):

The traffic source and the desired move-in date:

And, finally, the desired unit. This value will pull from all current unit types entered, so custom unit types can be described here.

Prospects Side Bar

The Prospects sidebar is where all interaction with a prospect occurs.

Prospect Quality

Next to the Prospect name, the current prospect quality is displayed.

To edit this quality, click it, and select a new quality from the drop down.

Note: Clicking the close button after receiving the above success prompt will not close the prospect. The Prospect Sidebar will stay open for editing, you're simply closing the success prompt.

Prospect Status

Below the prospect name and quality, six buttons can be used to change the status of the Prospect manually.

On the left are the statuses that describe the state of the leads conversion process, and on the right are statuses that describe the "working" status in more detail. By selecting New or Converted, all the statuses on the right will be deselected.

By selecting the Working status, the statuses to the right can be used to further describe the wider status of Working. To use these statuses, select the working status and then select the appropriate status on the right. Or select one of the statuses on the right, and the working status will automatically be applied.


Activity Feed and Adding Notes

The activity feed provides a history of all interactions with this prospect, including, but not limited to, showings, applications, and status updates.

This feed also shows notes, which can be added from this tab. Click the Add Note button to do so. This will navigate to the add note tab.

Enter a note into the text input, and select the Add Note button to add the note to the activity feed.

Prospect Details Tab

The final feature of the Prospect sidebar is the Details Tab. To navigate to the details tab, select the Prospect Details tab at the top of the sidebar.

From here, all information about the Prospect can be edited. To edit information, click on it to interact, and select or enter the new correct information.

Now that the correct information is entered, select the update button to save the new information.


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